Agro-Based Raw Materials in Edo State


Cassava18 LGAs ot the stateGarri, industrial starch, alcohol, animal feed etc
Timber18 LGAs ot the stateFurniture, making paper and pulp Brisquent (saw dust, particle board, plant wood,) extracting adheive pharmacecticle herbal roots and leaves.
Fruits-Citrus, Mango, Pawpaw, Guava Etc18 LGAs ot the stateFood condiments, oil sasin, vanishes yam, jellies, fruit, juice, animal feeds, etc
GroundnutEtsako East, Etsako west, Owan west.Oil, animal feeds, confectionary etc
MaizeThroughout the state.Corn flakes, flour, alcoholics, starch, animal feeds.
Banana/PlantainOvia South West, Ovia North East, Egor, Uhunmwode, Orhiomwon , Owan West, Esan West.beverages, chips, yams, flour.
Palm ProductsEtsako West, Esan Central, Oredo, Uhunmwode, Akoko-Edo, Ovia South-West, Ovia South-East, Esan South-East, Esan West,Ohiomwon, Ikpoba-Okha, Egor. Fibre, palm oil, cake, perfumery, palm drinks, brooms, cosmetics, soap.
PineappleEsan Central, Oredo, Uhunwode, Orhiomwon, Esan westJuice anbd soft drinks.
RiceEtsako East, Etsako west, Esan Central, Esan South-East, Owan, cakes, alcoholic etc
RubberOredo, Uhunmwode, Ovia South-West, Orhiomwon, Esan South-East, Ovia North-East, Esan West, Esan North.Rubber limbs, Rubber crumps, surgical gloves.
Vegetable 18 LGAs ot the stateFood, sauce, Flavouring.
Yam18 LGAs ot the stateFood, yam, floor production.
CocoaUhunmwode, Akoko Edo, Ovia South West, Owan West, Owan East, Esan Central, Esan West, Esan South-East, Esan North-East, OrhiomwonCocoa processing, beverage and cosmetics.
CashewEtsako West, Etsako East and Owan East.Snacks, adhesive, juice.
TomatoesEdo North Sen.District of the stateFood and tomatoes canning.
Fish18 LGAs ot the statefishery development.

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