Distribution of Hopital in Edo State


BeninOredoCentral Hospital B/City434
BeninOredoCot. Hospital Obayantor19
BeninOredoStella Obansojo Maternal & Children Hospistal34
UromiEsan North EastCentral Hospital Uromi61
AuchiEstako WestCentral. Hospital, Auchi61
AbuduOrhionmwonGeneral Hospital, Abudu60
AbuduOrhionmwonGeneral Hospital, Igbanke30
AbuduOrhionmwonGeneral Hospital, Uronigbe30
AbuduOrhionmwonCot. Hospital Oben20
AbuduOrhionmwonCot. Hospital Egbokor4
AbuduUhunmwodeDist. Hospital, Egba6
AfuzeOwan EastGeneral Hospital, Afuze51
AfuzeOwan EastDist. Hospital, Otuo6
AfuzeOwan WestGeneral Hospital, Sabogida Ora30
AfuzeOwan WestDist. Hospital, Uzebba30
IguobazuwaOvia South WestGeneral Hospital. Iguobazuwa48
IguobazuwaOvia South WestGovernment Hospital Usen32
IguobazuwaOvia North EastDist. Hospital, Ekiadolor6
OssiomoLeprosy Clinic in All L.G.ASpecislist Hospital, Ossiomo257
IgarraAkoko EdoGeneral Hospital, Igarra60
IgarraAkoko EdoGovernment Hospital, Ibillo30
IgarraAkoko EdoDist. Hospital, Uneme-Osu20
FugarEtsako EastGeneral Hospital, Fugar19
FugarEtsako EastGeneral Hospital, Agenebode30
FugarEtsako EastDist. Hospital, Apana24
FugarEtsako West Government Hospital, Agbede30
UbiajaEsan South WestGeneral Hospital, Ubiaja60
UbiajaEsan South WestDist. Hospital, Ewohimi19
UbiajaIguebenGovernment Hospital, Igueben60
EkpomaEsan WestGeneral Hospital, Ekpoma35
EkpomaEsan WestGeneral Hospital, Iruekpen30
EkpomaEsan CentralDist. Hospital, Usugbenu16
EkpomaEsan CentralDist. Hospital, Ewu18

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