Zonal Status of Accredited Waste Managers as At 4th March, 2015


1From Ring Road through Sakponba Road left, terminating at 1st Junction, then through 1st East Circular Road on the left hand side terminating at Akpakpava –left of Akpakpava to Ring Road Gregosa Ventures22, Isekhere Street Osasco Building, Benin City08052437693
2From 1st Junction along Sakponba Rd, to 3rd Junction to the left to end at Ozoula Junction through Ozoula left side to 1st East Circular Rd back to Sakponba Rd.Kaizen Integrated Solutions5, Eguadase Street, off Akpakpava Street, Benin City.07042163076, 052-291587
3From Ozoula Junction left side to 3rd Junction by slope, then left side back to 1st junction On Akpakpava Terminating at Ozual Junction J-Baby Ventures36,Federal Housing Estate, Benin City.08025348768, 08051853182
4From Ring Road through Akpkava left to terminate at 2nd junction, then through New Lagos Road to Mission Rd Junction at New Benin back to Ring RoadMacfranklyn Engineering Services Ltd91,(First Floor), Lagos Street, Benin City08034920608, 08025954201
5AFrom Ring Road through Mission Rd left to New Benin, through New Lagos Rd to Lawani Junction, through Evbiemwen to Ibiwe back to Oba Market Road/Ring RoadMacfranklyn Engineering Services Ltd91,(First Floor), Lagos Street, Benin City08034920608, 08025954201
5BFrom Oba Place along Airport Rd to end at Midwest Secondary Sch. Then through Airport Rd to Edo-ADP right and environ through Aerodrome close right, terminating at Jeromi Junction at Ekenwan Rd through Ekenwan Rd right to Adesogbe Junction.Wishbone Investment Ltd44B, Stadium Road, Benin City. 08036145558, 07035401173, 08025392474
6From Ibiwe through Isekhere left to TV Rd by Oliha Market, through Ehaekpen left, to Adesogbhe to Ring Road by Airport Rd JunctionMacfranklyn Engineering Services Ltd91,(First Floor), Lagos Street, Benin City08034920608, 08025954201
7TV Rd right through 5 Junction, Urubi right to Evbiemwen Junction through Isekere/Ore-Oghenen Street right back to TV Road Right.Evergreen Waste Mgt Ltd301, Upper Ekenwan Road, Benin City.08078215939, 08109087845
8From 5 Junction to Uselu Shell through New Lagos Rd, terminating at Lawny Junction right through Lawani right terminating at 5 Junction through Urubi right.Irab-Tess Service Nig. Ltd107, New Lagos Rd. Benin City.08109087845
9AFrom 5 Junction terminating at Textile Mill Rd Junction left through Textile Mill Rd left terminating at Idia Junction through Idia Street left through 3rd Akugbe through 2nd West left terminating at Siluko Rd.Wanaccess Ltd24, TV Road, Benin City09037957840
9BFrom Idia Street along Textile Mill Rd left terminating at Ogida Siluko Junction through Siluko Rd left terminating at 2nd West Junction. Back to Textile Mill Road Terminating At Textile Mill on Uselu Lagos Rd Debev System Limited (Seefor)86, 2 nd West Circular Road, Off Textile Mill Road, Benin City08060523948
10From Textile Mill Road Junction left through Uselu/Lagos Rd, terminating at Egusedaiken through the road beside Eguaedaiken, straight to Uwelu Rd by Texaco Eguaedaiken Besty Batt Ventures 4, Alimele Street off Textile Mill Road, Benin city08039166556
11From Eguasdaiken through Ugbowo-Lagos Rd, Egor Government Area Secretariat Road Junction, through Jehovah’s Witness Street, terminating at Osakapanmwan StreetHasoe cleaner138, New Lagos Road, Benin City.08058769647, 08091983176
12From Egor Local Government Area Secretariat Road Junction to Uwasota Junction left, then left to Ojo Junction, back to Osakapanmwan StreetAiso global Ventures4,Itohan Aiwerioba Avenue, Off Agho street, Ekenwan Rd ,Benin city08052233353
13From Oviasogie St. Junction by Uwasota Rd. right hand side terminating at Okhuarobo (by Texaco), right to Uwelu Rd, then back to Oviasogie Junction along Uwasota Rd.Free
14From Uwasota Junction to Adolor Collage Rd. on Ugbowo-Lagos Rd through Adolor Collage Road to Uwelu Secondary Sch.Efeosa-Efe Ventures5, Egor Local Government Secretariat Road, Off Uselu- Lagos Road, Benin City08034074175, 08175577394
15From Adolor Collage Rd. Junction left along Ugbowo-Lagos Rd. to EDPA (10th Street) through 19th st. to Ohonre Secondary Sch.Aiso-Global Ventures4, Itoahan Awaruba Avenue, off Agho St. Ekenwan Rd. B/c08052233353
16From 19th Street Junction along Ugbowo-Lagos RD to S&T Barracks including Isihor TownBoza Global Enterprises1, Oba Market Road, G,B.O Building, Ring Road Benin City08164856291
17From Okhoro Junction to Etin-Osa Motel Rd. Junction along Uselu-Lagos Rd, right to the RiverJubiliant Citizen Resources 142, New Lagos Road, Benin City. 08038743998
18From Etin-Osa Motel Junction along Uselu-Lagos Rd. to Federal Government Girls Collage Rd down to the RiverGregosa Ventures Ltd22, Isekhare Street, Benin City.08052437693
19From Ekosodin Rd Junction to Omore Rd Junction, straight to the River along Omore RoadWanaccess Ltd (Seefor)Oando Filling Station Premises By Ekosodin Road Junction, Evbuomore, Benin-Lagos Road, Benin City. 07039733560
20From Omore Rd, Junction along Benin-Lagos to Iduowina (Idele Sawmill Road) to the RiverK.A.O Global Ventures (Seefor)Km 13, Along Benin-Lagos Road, Evbuomore, (Between Agen Auminium &F. Moris Filling Station)08033799204
21From Idele Sawmill Rd, right to |Iduowina to Oluku terminating at the Bye-Pass along Benin-Ifon RoadFazone International LTD 2B, Patrick Ehimen Street, G.R.A Benin City. 08037183971
22From S&T barracks (Isiohor) left including Evbuomore and Igue-Iheye left.AndLux Universal Ltd.142, New Lagos Road, Benin City.08162041260, 08158823022, 08055228316
23From Igue-Iheye left terminating at Oluku by the bye-passEpha Construction Limited(Seefor) Opposite Energy Filling Station, Oluku08035747751
24From Uwelu Rd. Junction left along Siluko Rd. through Obanosa Street right to Uwelu.spare parts back to Textile Mill Rd Junction. Joe-Oko Investment Company Limited ( Seefor)34,Ogida Street off Siluko Road, Benin City08182836843
25From Obanosa Street to Teachers House including the Mobile Police barracks and Uwelu Spare Parts Market Megaido Nig Ltd105, first east circular Road, B/c07037814861
26From Igbinaduwa Str. Junction on the right hand side along siluko Rd. terminating at Mobile Avenue through Oromlyan Str. To Power Line back IgbinaduwaDivine Peace Waste Management2,Mobile Avenue, off Ogida Quarters, Benin City07037793608
27From Mobile Avenue Junction along Siluko Rd. left tio Useh and Egor inclusive.Airhia Kelvin Construction Nigeria Enterprise (Seefor)18, sifo Lane, off Mobile Avenue, Ogida Benin City08182836843
28From Teacher’s House on the right, through Channel 55 to Egbaen, then terminating at Uwelu Village and Environs. FREE
29From Ring Road through Sakponba Rd, by the right , to 2nd East Circular Rd, right to Sapele Rd. right back to Ring Road, through Sapele RoadEbhodaghe Ventures12,Benin Agbor Road, Benin City.08025348768, 08051853182
30From 2nd Junction on Sakponba Rd. to Eweka Junction on upper Sakponba Rd, through Eweka Rd, right to join M.M. Way on Sapele Rd, back to 2nd Junction.SUNNESTON Global Resources3, Isihor Street, off M.M. Way,(By Bright Engineering) Benin City08035010877
31From Eweka Junction on Upper Sakponba Rd. right, terminating at Gorreti/Dumez Road, through Gorreti Rd, right to Sapele Rd, back to M.M. Way Junction right through Isibor Street back to Eweka St reet, on Upper Sakponba Rd. Okoguele Ventures7, Omagugho Street, Etete G.R.A, Benin City.080518553182
32From Gorreti Rd Junction along Upper Sakponba Rd rignt to Erediawua Rd, back Sapele Rd, and then back to Gorreti Junction through Dumez Road on the right. Ehis/Eras venture11 Ekhaguere Street, Off Anigboro Street Uselu Lagos Road B/c08083198155
33From Erediawua Rd, along Sakponba Rd, right through Goody-Goody road to Evboriaria down to Sapele Road, then through Sapele Rd back to Erediawua JunctionEdo State Waste Management BoardGovernor’s Office G.R.A Benin City08109670790, 08109670791
34From Evboriaria through Sapele Road to Bye-Pass through Upper Sakponba Road back to Goody-Goody Junction at Upper Sakponba RoadEnaruna Ventures23 Isekhere Street, Benin City.08187046551, 08029402915
35From Agen Aluminum right to Bye-Pass Free
36From Enomayo Street right to Agen Aluminum left straight to Avbiaman TownJovian Resources & Services Nig. Ltd245, Upper Sokponba Road, Benin City08038750210, 08151060197, 08092186457
37From Musheshe Street Junction left to Enomayo Street Junction left, straight through the People’s House to the RiverJovian Resources & Services Nig. Ltd245, Upper Sokponba Road, Benin City08038750210, 08151060197, 8092186457
38From St. Saviour Junction along Upper Sakponba left terminating at Musheshe through Altanu Street to 100 feet, then to Tipper Garge through St. Saviour Road left to Upper SakponbaAkhasuwa-West86, Sakponba Road ,Benin city8028756433
39From Ring Road through Airport Road, on the left terminating at Boundary Rd Junction, then through Boundary Rd on the left to Adesuwa Rd, Junction, on Adesuwa left to Sapele Rd, back to Ring Road on the left.Kaizen Integrated Solutions5, Eguadase Street, off Akpakpava Street, Benin City.07042163076, 052-291587
40aFrom Bounday Rd straight to upper Adesuwa Rd,right, to Giwa –Amu terminate by Elema palace right,back to Airport road on Giwa-Amu,Back to boundary road junction right on Airport Road.Odanaha Inter.Ltd22, Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City.07043989921, 08033460363, 07062066370
40bFrom Giwa-Amu on Airport road left to oko central junction by IDSL left,through Oko central to Gapiona junction,through Reuben Agho left to 2 nd Ugbor road,then left to Upper Adesuwa.Odanaha Inter.Ltd22, Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City.07043989921, 08033460363, 07062066370
40cFrom water resources by Ugbor road right to iyayi junction,to boundary with Ebo Village,reuben Agho left to Oko junction by Gapiona left through imuwahen Avenue,opposite Oko central road,back to iyayi road.Odanaha Inter.Ltd22, Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City.07043989921, 08033460363, 07062066370
40dFrom Iyayi junction right through Ugbor village road up to Ugbor village right, to boundary between Amagba and Ugbor village, on Iyayi road left, up to the boundary by Ebo village, Abuja quarters and environs excluding B.I.U.Jubiliant Citizen Resources142, New Lagos Road, Benin City.07038743998
41From Oko Central by IDSL, including the Prison/Prison Barracks, Ebo/Ogba Communities Just II Ventures62, Oko Central Rd, off Airport Rd, GRA, Benin City.08060516092, '07034427502
42aFrom Sapele Rd by Adesuwa junction right powerline, straight to Ugbor road by iyayi junction right, to water resources junction on adesuwa road right to sapele road junction.Gregosa ventures22,isekhere street Osasco Building, Benin City08052437693
42bFrom NEPA powerline to limit junction right , back to Ugbor Road right, back to iyayi.Ruo Global Nig Ltd.83, M.M Way, Benin City08034738870, 08056731122
42cFrom limit junction to country home right, to Ugbor right, to Ugbor village road back to limit junction on Ugbor Road.Aupaul kleanar49, Erunmse Street, Benin City.08037175344
43From Country Home Motel Junction along Sapele Road on the right to Bye-Pass, back to Ugbor/Amagbe Village. Ebi Edward Ventures 218, Sapele Road, Benin City.08058548684
44From Jeromi Junction left along Ekenwan road, terminating at Erediauwa through Erediauwa Ogbebuya and trade fair area inclusive.Halcelmates Nig. Ltd7, Idemudia Avenue off Erediuwa Street Ekenwan Road, Benin City08034105944
45From Forestry Department along Ekenwan Road left, terminating at spirit and Life Bible Church, Ugbiyokho Enjehis Enterprise190, Sapele Road, Benin City08036315235, 08053913049
46From Evbuotubu Road Junction along Ekenwan Road on the right hand side to Oghede Town J&O Omogiate Nigeria Ltd(Seefor)5, Egharevba Street(Akara Junction) off Upper Ekenwan, Benin City08039635375
47From Agho Junction along Ekenwan Rd, right to Evbuotubu Rd, Junction to upper Erhumwunse back to Agho Junction Chimus Global161, Upper Owina Street, Off Agho Street, Ekenwan Road. Benin city08073703131
48From Erhumwunse Junction to Oliha Market through Siluko Road, left to Igbinaduwa Junction, then left to Oromiyan Street, then to Upper Erhumwunse back through Erhumwunse left to Ehaekpen Junction1 st Emebas Ventures98,M.M Way, Opposite Esigie Junction, Benin City08033857796, 08122910936, 08056614988
49From Ehaekpen Junction along Ekenwan Rd, to Agho Junction through Agho right to Erhumwunse, then to Ehaekpen by the right.Vital Legacy Nigeria Enterprises 3, Ora Crescent, Off Stadium Road, Benin City.08029552888
50From Lawani Junction through New Lagos Road, Right to Okhoro Road Junction through Okhoro Road to Iyayi Sawmill, to Upper Lawani back to Lawani Junction on New Lagos RoadKen Glory Biz services11, Plymouth Road, Benin City08075961474, 08026236239
51From Iyayi Sawmill Junction right to the River, through the River to Upper Lanwani back to the Catholic church along Upper LawaniPhimade Business Solution (Seefor)151, Okhoro Road (Before Abundant Grace Ministry) Benin City07036944413
52From Ikpoba River left to 3rd Junction, then left to Ekiosa Junction, then to St. Saviour Junction left to Obanosa Street to the RiverStandard & Grace 95, Sokponba Road, Benin City08023528140
53From Ikpoba River on the right hand side terminating at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Imose Clearing Services170, Benin Agbor Road, Benin City.08023815251
54From St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Road Junction right hand side on Benin/Agbor Riad, terminating at Mechanic Road Junction through Mechanic Road right hand side to the RiverIredos Nigeria Limited4, SalaweLane, G.R.A. Benin City08182602587
55From left hand side of Mechanic Road to the Bye Pass through Benin/Agbor Road right.K.S.A Dominion Allied Ind. Company Nig. LTDPlot 5,NOUN School Road,Off Ekenwan Road, Benin City07065634117, 08111619451
56From Ohovbe Junction on Benin/Agbor Road to the Bye-PassStevelyn Global services3, B close BDPA Estate ,Oregbeni, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City08035618357, 08057374855
57From 1st Upstair left hand side to Ohovbe Road through Ohen Street in Evbuomodu to Benin /Auchi Rd back to College RdSarenjo Nig. Co. Ltd146, Benin Auchi Road, Aduwawa, Benin City08075961474, 07035584629, 052-253944
58From Ramak Park left of Benin/Agbor Rd, terminating at 1st Upstair Junction through 1st Upstair Rd to Agbonlahor Street to College Rd left to Benin/Auchi Road back to Ramat ParkEbhodaghae Ventures1, Benin Agbor Road, Benin City08025348768, 08051853182
59From Lucky Igbinedion Way Junction on Benin Auchi Rd, to Aduwawa Market through New Mission Road to Lucky Way Junction back to Benin Auchi Road by Ramat Park.Emmanuel Corporate1, Effionayi Road, Off Benin Auchi Road, Benin City 08056267256, 07025439886
60From Ute Community left along upper mission extension terminating at Oando Filling Station along Benin Auchi RoadEDIONS B3,Upper Mission Extension, Aduwawa Benin City07063649150, 08154104602
61aFrom 2nd Junction right hand side on New-Lagos Road from Akpakpava Junction terminating at New Benin by Bus stop down through Upper Mission terminating at Presbyterian Church back to Ewah Road Junction Phantom Energy Service174, Upper Mission Benin City.08034918879, 08061305928
61bFrom New Benin Market Junction along New Lagos Road right, to Upper Lawani Junction, then through Upper Lawani right, straight to the river, then back to New Benin Market Junction along New Lagos RoadMudik Continental Venture Limited27, Uselu Lagos Road, Benin City.08067770178
62From Presbyterian Church to the river, then left through Ewah Road Junction through Isonobobo back to Presbyterian ChurchTrans Romesa-Yem Investment10, Ogbebor Street, off Upper Mission Road, Benin City08024729181, 08035832162
63From Ikpoba River left on upper mission extension down to Aduwawa Junction at the Filling StationFree
64From Old Kara Market at Aduwawa along Benin-Auchi Road on the left terminating at the 1st Cattle MarketFree
65From 1st Cattle Market to Bye –PassG.S.A Associates Intl.LTD (Seefor)151, Benin Agbor Road, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City08035618357
66From Ohen Junction in Evbuomodu on the eright hand side terminating at Rio Petrol StationFree
67From Rio Petrol Station to Bye – PassSeefor
68From Ikpoba River on the left hand side to Ramat Park through Luck Igbinedion Way Junction left to Upper Mission Road extension left back to the River.Okoegule Ventues7, Omagugho Street Etete GRA, B/c. 12, Benin Agbor Road, B/c08051853182

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